Municipal Services

Garbage Collection
Every Tuesday commencing at 8:00 a.m.

Water Meter Deposit Fee
$100 must be paid prior to turning on service

Municipal Utility Billing
Property owners are responsible for all municipal billings

Water Rates
$42.00 first 10 m3
$ 1.80 ea. m3 thereafter

Sewer Rates
$32.00 bi-monthly

Garbage Rates
$17.00 bi-monthly

Sewer line Cleaning Rates
minimum charge $100.00 + $50 each additional hour

Grass Cutting & Weed Control Rates
Overgrown properties charged @ $50.00 per standard lot + $35 per man-hour

Truck-fill 24 hour service
Located on 50th Ave., north side of recreation grounds. Bulk and bucket/jug fill available. Rate: $3.50/m3 (cubic meter). Set up your account at the Village Office

Saturday, May 26, 2018