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November 2009

The Chipman Historical Foundation was established May 30, 2005. Its main purpose is to preserve the Chipman National Hall for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Its primary activities have been to raise awareness about the historical and cultural importance of the Hall while starting the process of fund-raising. The National Hall, built in 1926 to serve the social and spiritual needs of the residents of Chipman and the surrounding area, is one of only two remaining architectural structures of its type in Alberta. In 2004, the Village of Chipman bought the Hall from the Ukrainian Catholic Church Board, which felt it was unable to continue the expense of maintaining it. Community discussions around the fate of the Hall led to the creation of the Historical Foundation. Since 2005, the Foundation and the Village have been developing a plan for the National Hall.

Some of our projects and activities include:

  • hosting an afternoon tea for members of Lamont County church tour. There are many bus tours scheduled to see the 47 churches in Lamont County. Chipman has three of these churches plus the Hall for historical viewing.
  • selling a Ukrainian plate meal during Chipman's Car Crafters Show 'n Shine as well as opening the doors of the hall for viewing by people interested in the history of the building
  • producing a 2007 Chipman Calendar celebrating our heritage and forefathers. Another has been printed for 2010 and one is planned for 2011.
  • catering at meetings of local organizations, e.g. Ukrainian Village Advisory Board, Lamont County Adult Learning Council, Vegreville Water Commission - producing a 50" x 70" Historical Tapestry depicting Chipman the early years. This product is for sale on an ongoing basis.
  • raffles.

We are planning a donor recognition board for those patrons who have been so generous with cash donations. The levels we are considering are Friend ($100.00); Contributor ($200.00); Companion ($300.00 and Patron ($500.00 +).

You can contact the Foundation at:
Box 176
Chipman AB T0B 0W0

We are always looking for new members and volunteers. Membership is $5.00: please join and put your name on the list of volunteers by contacting:

Toni Nygren, President
Chipman Historical Foundation
Chipman AB T0B 0W0

E. (Betty) Thirlwell, Secretary Chipman Historical Foundation
Box 214 Chipman AB T0B 0W0

We have a link to Kalyna Country Web Site.

2009 Executive:

Toni Nygren Chipman AB T0B 0W0

Vice President:
Blanche Thomson Chipman AB T0B 0W0

Elizabeth Thirlwell Box 214 Chipman AB T0B 0W0

Steven P. Eleniak
Carol Stribling
Pat Calvert
John Stribling
Julian Letawsky
Francis Sheptycki
Al Osinchuk
Ed Tymchyshyn

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