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In 1905 the Canadian Northern Railroad was laid, a town site was surveyed and a railway station and water tower were built. The settlement thus began, was named after Clarence Campbell Chipman, who at one time was a private secretary to Sir Charles Tupper and was later appointed Chief Commissioner to the Hudson's Bay Company. We understand that the Village of Chipman in New Brunswick was also named after Clarence Campbell Chipman.

The arrival of two distinct groups of settlers also played an important role in the growth of the community. The first settlers arrived from Parry Sound Ontario, Canada in 1892. The second group of homesteaders came from the Ukraine, anxious for a new home and a better way of life.

During the 1920's and 1930's Chipman boasted several successful sports teams called the 'Chipman Coyotes'. According to accounts of the early pioneers, the Chipman sports teams were unbeatable. The coyote team name is synonymous with the coyotes' uncanny ability of survival and beating the odds. This native prairie animal is still visible throughout the surrounding rural area.

In the 1990's the Village, like so many communities, was looking for a logo and the legacy of the early Chipman sports teams were brought to the attention of Council. On this basis, the Coyote was selected for the village logo in 1998.

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