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Garbage Collection

Household garbage is collected every Tuesday by the public works department and volunteers. Plastic bags containing waste should not be broken open, be securely closed when placed for collection and shouldn’t weigh more than 14.6 kg (30 pounds). Garbage may be placed in bags within a plastic container. For larger amounts St Michael Land Fill site is open Tuesday 10:30 am to 7:00 pm and Wednesday through Saturday 9:00am to 4:30 pm.  For more information on the Land Fill site please visit their page at .



The Green Bins, as they are known, are a convenient place for your grass clippings, garden plant material and leaves. Please do not put dirt, rocks, glass, concrete, plastic, wood, waste, branches, trees and bagged materials. The green bins can be pulled to the front of your residence by the hitch provided. For Branches or trees an area is available in the Village compound on the south end of 50th st. If you require assistance with the Green Bins please call the Administration Office at (780) 363- 3982.


Snow Removal


To facilitate snow removal the north south streets will be cleared in the order of Main Street (50th st), followed by 51st street, 49th street. Once that is complete vehicles that are parked on the east west avenues should be moved off the avenues and can be parked temporarily in the cleared streets. Public works will clean the east west avenues once they are free of vehicles. If vehicles are not moved then the roads will not be cleared.

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