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Billings every 2 months

NOTE: Property owners are responsible for payment of utility charges


Water Rates:

$47.00 first 10 m3

$ 1.80 ea.  m3  thereafter

Sewer Rates:   $32.00

Garbage Rates:   $30.00


Sewer line Cleaning Rates: minimum charge $100.00 + $50 each additional hour

Sewer Line Camera Scoping

$100.00/hr.  Min. charge 1 hr.


Grass Cutting & Weed Control Rates:

Overgrown properties Min. charge  $50.00 per standard lot .

Snow Removal - $25.00 per 15 Minute Period

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 4:00pm 

Closed from noon to 1:00pm

For Lunch.

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